SWWIC on Tour at the House of Parliament

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn Thursday 13th November 2014 22 SWWIC members were given the opportunity to attend an organised tour around the Palace of Westminster, also known as the Houses of Parliament.

Special thanks must be sent to Kier Construction who very kindly helped support the event by providing a minibus and driver to transport 17 of our lucky members up to London. The remaining made their way either by car, rail or air.

We certainly had an early start with a 6.30am pick up in Plymouth or a 6.30am flight from Exeter. It was to be a long but very interesting day. With the tour commencing at 1.30pm we had to meet at the Palace by 12.45pm to ensure that the appropriate security checks could take place.

With everyone through the entrance gates we were then taken inside the main hall to meet our escort for what turned out to be an incredibly informative tour by someone so passionate about the history of the Palace of Westminster.

The 90 minute tour of the House of Lords and House of Commons included a walk through Westminster Hall, the Royal Gallery, the Prince’s Chamber, the Lords Chamber, Moses Room, the Central and Members’ Lobby, Aye Lobby, Commons Chamber and St Stephen’s Hall. An insight into the history of our Monarch and Government was given enthusiastically as we walked from room to room.

Standing in the beautiful central lobby where press congregate to report on matters of the day was certainly a highlight – although unfortunately MPs must have been on their day off as we failed to see or meet any of them!

With the tour complete it just gave us sufficient time to visit gift shop before making the journey back to Plymouth.

Finally a big thank you to Alison Seabeck MP and all those involved with the organisation and support of this fabulous event.

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